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About Us

UBC – Iraq is an Iraqi company with International Associates and suppliers for the Oil and Gas industry, power plant and Petrochemicals plant Governmental Departments and Contractors. Petroleum and power plant Services and its Associated Companies specialize in providing a wide range of services for the Oil and Gas Industry and Power Plant Stations with our main area of expertise in the Iraq market. UBC-Iraq is the Baker Hughes authorized distributor for middle Furat and south Iraq, and it has long history for supplying chemical products for General Directorate of Electrical Energy Production(Ministry of Electricity).
UBC-Iraq has the ISO certificates ( 9001, 14001, 45001 ) .

Company Skills

Our experience with international companies as well as the depth knowledge of local business procedure, qualifies us as one of the leading entities for trade and commerce in Iraq. Our team are expert and well educate.

Our Managment Team

Mokhalad Aldafaaee

Phone : +964 770 9221 646

E-mail : mokhalad@ubc-iraq.com

Projects Manager
Mohammad Shakir

Phone : +964 783 4441 273

E-mail : mohammad.shakir@ubc-iraq.com

IT Manager
Mohammed Imad

Phone : +964 783 4441 272

E-mail : mohammed.imad@ubc-iraq.com

Commercial Manager
Mohammed Al-saad

Phone : +964 782 1112 211

E-mail : commercial@ubc-iraq.com